Letter from the President

Hello! My name is Reilly Peuser and I am the current president of the Upsilon chapter of Alpha Phi at Washburn University.


When I first started here at Washburn, I wasn’t quite sure where I fit in. I wasn’t sure if Greek life was for me because I had only grown up with brothers so the idea of having “sisters” was daunting. But all of my fears and worries quickly faded after I went through recruitment. I know it sounds cliché, but I truly found my people. Women who are driven, goal-oriented and genuine. While I never had “sisters” growing up, I found some of the best ones out there in Alpha Phi.


Along with life-long friendships (I warned you I was going to be cliché), Alpha Phi has also given me and my sisters some of the most amazing opportunities and memories. Whether that be eating lunch on the front porch and laughing for hours on end or showing our competitive sides during Homecoming and Greek Week, we always have a good time with each other. We try to help our sisters excel in every aspect of their life, whether that be academically, in leadership, in developing their character or philanthropically. We host events focused on fostering real relationships, like sisterhood events and socials, and events to help our members key-in on their giving side, like philanthropy and service events.


We at Alpha Phi know that coming into college can be a terrifying step, like I said earlier – daunting, but it is also the beginning of your adult life where you will start making decisions for yourself and your future. Each one of our members has taken that step and made the decision to join Alpha Phi, and by doing so are participating in some of the best parts of not only their college careers, but their lives.


Alpha Phi has made me who I am. If you would’ve known me when I was a freshman, you never would’ve thought I would be in a leadership position, let alone the president. But as I sit here writing this letter, going into my senior year, I truly believe my life would not be the same without Alpha Phi in it. I would not be on the path I am today and I would not be the woman I am without being surrounded by some of the most amazing women and being influenced and encouraged by those women.


So, my advice to you is take the risk. It could be the best decision you have made thus far. This experience can change your life in ways you never imagined. Thank you for reading this letter and I hope to see you soon on campus!


Reilly Peuser

2019 Chapter President

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